Unique Live Music Experiences

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Our objective: here at Tasteful Sideburn, our aim is to find and expose upcoming, original musicians, creating exciting and off-centre material. We promote these artists and celebrate their mesmerising peculiarity by hosting and creating entirely unique Live Music events that you cannot find anywhere else. Immersive experiences, secret festivals, transformed venues & quirky evenings.

Working in collaboration with several creative artists, here at Tasteful Sideburn we believe in tasteful, quality, musical artistry and in creating memorable local events. In a highly saturated industry, these musicians and these musical events, stand out as truly one of a kind. Musical rooftop parties, woodland song writer circles- dotted with campfires, food tents and special guests, themed indoor venues that take you to another dimension, secret festivals overlooking some of England's most beautiful skylines... and this is only SOME of the work we have done so far!

Take a look at our growing list of artists and events we currently represent.

Recognised in doing something different.